Abstract Submission for Medicine 2.0'10 open, and contract with Stanford for 2.0'11 signed
As announced earlier this year, the viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy 2.0® conference – in 2008 and 2009 hosted in Toronto – goes global and will in 2010 be organized in Europe. The University of Twente (UT), the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMNC) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will host Medicine 2.0 Congress (Medicine 2.0’10: 3rd World Congress on Social Media and Web 2.0 in Health, Medicine, and Biomedical Research) on November 29-30, 2010 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Medicine 2.0® 2010 will be supported by the core Medicine 2.0® team in cooperation with scientists from UT, UMNC and RIVM; the website will remain at http://www.medicine20congress.com, and the submission and dissemination process will remain centralized.
Medicine 2.0'10 will serve as an umbrella for REshape (Fall edition, UMNC) and the ‘Supporting health by technology’ (IIIrd edition) symposium series (University of Twente, RIVM). I am sure we will hear more from this capable Local Organizing Committee through this official blog and the Medicine 2.0 website (my personal role for this and future Medicine 2.0 Conferences is that of a conference series producer).

As of today, abstract submissions for the Medicine 2.0'10 congress in Masstricht are open.
As in previous years, we are very transparent and allow interested parties to track what is being submitted in real time through our RSS feed at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/med2submit (contains the last 10 submissions - slightly delayed). If you follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/medicine20) you can also see the titles of recently submitted abstracts. We hope that seeing the submissions over the next 6 weeks will motivate some people to also submit a presentation proposal.
The call for abstracts is on the Medicine 2.0 website at http://bit.ly/dCOIeT .

The second big news is that we have signed an agreement with the Local Organizing team at Stanford University, led by Larry Chu MD MS.
Yes, it's official: Stanford University will host the Medicine 2.0 congress in 2011, at the brand new Li-Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge Conference Center at the Stanford University School of Medicine (mark the dates: Sept 16 to Sept 18, 2011 - last day: workshops only). I am very excited not only because of the extremely capable local organizing committee and the location of being in the heart of Silicon Valley (and some good kiteboarding spots for me!), but also because of the association with many leading scientists in this field, including the Stanford Department of Medical Informatics, which is a leader in ontologies and knowledge-based approaches, so expect an additional emphasis on Web 3.0 in 2011 (but no, we are not renaming the conference series)!

For 2012 and beyond we are negotiating with future organizers, and we have expressions of interest from teams in Boston, New York, Barcelona, London, and Seoul, so Medicine 2.0 truly has gone global!

And another innovation: All Medicine 2.0 talks will be transcribed and (hopefully) PubMed indexed. As this is unprecedented we have to see what the NLM says to our proposal, but if accepted, it will be even more attractive and important for researchers and practitioners in the field to present at Medicine 2.0.

Finally, I am excited that the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) has renewed its commitment in supporting the conference series and will again sponsor the IMIA Medicine 2.0 Award.

Gunther Eysenbach MD MPH
Medicine 2.0 Conference Series Producer

- Eliminate the Hell Scissors [MP] | Car Engineers [PX] | Freezing Halogen [SG]
Req: lvl 53
From: Physics Teacher
* Eliminate 30 Hell Scissors | 30 Car Engineers | 25 Freezing Halogen
Reward: Exp 20000, Attribute 5, Life Point 5, Skill Point 1

- Collecting the Cards 3
Req: lvl 60
From: autoquest
* Collect 5 cards (Bk. from Shadow Crow
Reward: Back point Pass [6][7D] (not for sale)

- Eliminate the Bomber Clown
Req: lvl 62
From: Physics Teacher [SG]
* Eliminate 30 Bomber Clowns
Reward: Exp 22000, Attribute 5, Life Point 5, Skill Point 1

- Special Agent's Test
Req: lvl 63
From: Special Agent at SG Hole/Leonair Entrance
* Eliminate 20 Sacred Gate Defenders and report back to Agent within 40 min
Reward: Can enter Leonine Campus after completion, Exp 25000, Attributes 10,
Dark Ring [Lvl:30]
Notes: Requirement:Immortal [Complete the requirements/objectives within
the stated time limit and Do Not Die during the test]
Refine cheap viagra used to counter elemental effects (like elec/paralysis) can be
bought from the Nurse [SG Ring]. The Agent does NOT stock Refine cheap cialis.

- Special Agent's Request
Req: lvl 63, commpleted quest from Agent "Special Agent's Test"
From: Special Agent
* Go to Leonine Campus loc 53,60
* Get 20 bandages from Mummy
* Talk to Agent
Reward: Exp 20000, 1 Skill Point

- Eliminate the Jackson
Req: lvl 66
From: Physics Teacher [SG]
* Eliminate 1 Jackson
Reward: 7 Spiritual Spheres, Skill Point 1

- Through the Tunnel
Req: lvl 67
From: Police [SG]
* Eliminate Corrupted Hound in Trading Hole Tunnel (SG HolePassage)
within 40 minutes.
Reward: Can Enter Trading Hole {Commercial Area Entrance}
Notes: Requirement:Immortal [Do Not Die during the test].
Doing the quest is the only way to access this Tunnel. You cannot go back
inside the tunnel once the quest is successfully completed.

- Collect the Food
Req: lvl 67
From: Hotdog Hawker [TH]
* Search for 10 Breads and 10 Meats from Skating Boy and Skating Master
* Deliver ingredients to Hotdog Hawker
Reward: Exp 10000, Gold 8000, Hotdog [10]

- Collecting the Cards 4
Req: lvl 70
From: autoquest
* Collect 5 Cards {Trans.Crd} from Tomb Raider
Reward: Buddy Transmission Card [6][7D] (not tradeable)

- Investigate the Leonair Campus
Req: lvl 71, commpleted quest from Agent "Special Agent's Test"
From: Special Agent
* Find 5 leaves of Smallpox
* Deliver leaves to Special Agent
Reward: Exp 40000, 9 Spiritual Spheres, Vanish Ring [Lvl:80]

- The Lessons of the Sword | Brawler | Archer | Shaman Agent
Req: lvl 72
From: Respective Class Instructor [Agent] in Trading Hole
* Collect GPS from Skating Boy or Skating Master
* Follow GPS Location to find the capsule, location varies by class:
Swordsman Brawler Archer Shaman
GPS loc.1 - 121,89 71,105 118,105 118,105
[Police Station]
GPS loc.2 - 119,113 60,117 113,117 113,117
[Convenience Shop]
GPS loc.3 - 113,117 96,143 96,143 96,143
[Tunnel #4]
GPS loc.4 - 116,170[105,165] 116,170 95,165 113,180
[Find Buried Items in Nine Hall Club]
* Deliver the Space and Time capsule to your Trainer/Agent
Reward: Exp 25000
Notes: There is a typo for the final GPS location for Swordsmen. Instead of
loc 116,170 go to the general area of 105,165/106,164

- Report to the Police Station
Req: lvl 74
From: Class {Sword | Shaman | Brawler | Archery) Agent/Instructor [TH]
* Talk to the Police in Trading Hole Police Station
Reward: Synthesized Recovery Potion [3]
Notes: The quest "Reward for Prison Escapees" can only be completed at lvl 140
and is obtainable from the Police [TH] from lvl 67

- Recycling the Letter
Req: lvl 74, completed "Report to the Police Station"
From: Police [TH]
* Collect the Letter from Skating Master
* Deliver the Letter to Police [TH]
* Gather 6 pieces of letter from Skating Master
* Deliver pieces to Police [TH]
Reward: Gold 20000
Notes: I think this quest is slightly different for SG students

- File Report On Found Objects
Req: lvl 75?
From: Prison Corpse near Tunnel 3 [TH]
* Surrender found ore to TH Police for safe keeping
Reward: Exp 80000
Notes: The quest "Sacred Financial Group Private Jail" is obtained from the
Police [TH] after this. It can only be completed @ lvl 130.

- Through Tunnel No.3
Req: lvl 75?, obtained quest "Sacred Financial Group Private Jail" from Police [TH]
From: Prison Corpse near Tunnel 3 [TH]
* Go to the end of No. 3 Tunnel (7,66) in TH
Reward: Exp 12000
Notes: You may complete the quest without proceeding to the Prison proper.
Walk to avoid being chased by the Hell Hounds and unequip your weapon midway
to the end of the tunnel to avoid being shot by Red/Black Ninjas.

- Investigate the Leonair Campus Main Center
Req: lvl 75, completed "Investigate the Leonair Campus"
From: Secret Agent
* Talk to the Leonair Student Director
Reward: Exp 4000
Notes: Find Banshee at entrance of Main Campus Center to obtain the quest for
entry to Leo 1F. The Student Director [Leo] is in Leo 1F loc 8,0

- Spirit's Request
Req: lvl 75
From: Banshee [Leonine Campus]
* Collect 2 Encyclopedias from Poison Ivy
* Deliver encyclopedias to Spirit {Banshee}
* Collect 8 Feathers from Shadow Crow
* Deliver feathers to Spirit {Banshee}
Reward: Gold 4000, Can enter Leo Main Center 1F and 2F after completion

- Recover the Videotape
Req: lvl 75, completed "Investigate the Leonair Campus Main Center"
From: Student Director [Leo]
* Find the Leonair Technical Teacher in Leo 2F and request for key
* Teacher's request: Collect food [2] from Boney
* Exchange food for the key from Tech Teacher and give key to Leo Student Director
* Get key fixed by Zopar at Leo 2F
* Pass key to Leo Student Director
* Get Videotape from Leo Student Director
Reward: Exp 10000, Surveillance Recorder [Leonair Campus] [a.k.a the Videotape}
Notes: Janitors and Boneys|Vampire[F] are aggressive and deal a lot of damage.
Be prepared to use pots while running.

- Request by Mr.No-Name
Req: lvl 75
From: Mr.No-Name [Leo 1F]
* Collect 10 meats from Janitor
* Deliver meats to Mr.No-Name
Reward: Med HP Recovery Potion [5], Big MP Recovery Potion [5],
Big SP Recovery Potion [5]

- The Zopar's request
Req: lvl 75
From: Zopar [Leo 2F]
* Find towel at the Locker Custodian area [Leo 1F] (around 18,3)
* Give towel to Zopar
* Find the glove at Welfare Society [Leo 1F] (around 10,3)
* Deliver glove to Zopar and get Red Bead
* Pass Red Bead to Student Director [Leo 1F]
Reward: Exp 30000, 9 Spiritual Spheres
Notes: Janitors and Boneys|Vampire[F] are aggressive and deal a lot of damage.
Be prepared to use pots while running.

- Transmitting the Videotape
Req: lvl 75, completed quest from SD [Leo] "Recover the Videotape"
From: Student Director [Leo]
* Bring Videotape to Special Agent at Leonair Campus Parking Bay
Reward: Exp 15000, Red Bead, 1 Burr (not indicated in Rewards list)
Notes: There are 2 chat options to Give Cassette

- Videotape Recovery
Req: lvl 75, completed quest "Transmitting the Videotape", submitted Surveillance
Recorder [Leonair Campus] (a.k.a the Videotape) to Special Agent
From: Special Agent
* Talk to Image Expert at Trading Hole Videotape Rental Shop
Reward: Exp 20000, Gold 10000
Notes: You may take the Bus Stop @ SG T-junction and debark @ TH>Police Station

- Image Expert's Request
Req: lvl 75, completed quest from Agent "Videotape Recovery"
From: Image Expert
* Accept request to help and gather info from Police [TH]
* Meet with Special Agent
Reward: Enhanced Coat & Pants [C], all resistances [+9] (lvl 67,6Cool
Notes: You may take the Bus Stop @ TH>Police Station and debark @ SG T-junction

- Obtain the Leonair College ID Card
Req: lvl 75, completed quest from Image Expert "Image Expert's Request"
From: Special Agent
* Talk to the Student Director [SG] and ask about spore allergy and special ID card.
Reward: Gold 100000, Skill Point 1
Notes: You may use the bus at SG T-junction and select Campus Square>Entrance.
This will take you the Market. Take the SG Buggy to get to the Campus [SG].

- The Basement 2 of Leonair Campus
Req: lvl 75, completed quest from Agent "Obtain the Leonair College ID Card"
From: Student Director [SG]
* Find location of B2 Elevator at Leo 3F (from 1F->2F, cross the map to 3F)
The elevator terminal in 3F is located at the top-middle of the map
* Go back down to Leo Student Director and ask about the secret code
* Find code by getting memo from IronMan28 in 3F (located at lower part of the map)
* Enter code and activate the elevator. Proceed to Basement 2
Reward: Exp 20000, Can Enter Leo 3F and Leo B2.
Notes: Use the bus in the market and select SG Hole>Sacred Gate T-junction.
The entrance to B3 (@ 018 022) is at the far end corner of B2.
You can enter B3 @ lvl 100.

- Cleaning the Spores
Req: lvl 75, completed quest from SD [SG] "The Basement 2 of Leonair Campus"
From: auto trigger after completion of quest "The Basement 2 of Leonair Campus"
* Enter B2
* Clean Basement 2:
- Gather spores from Trapper Plant.
- Eliminate 1 Trapper Plant
* Talk to the Nurse [SG Ring]
Reward: Exp 40000, 10 Spiritual Spheres
Notes: You may exit to B3 at level 100 (@ 18,22 - north east corner of B2).
There's a little alcove @ 12,7 where you can hide from aggressives and target 1 TP

- Producing the Medications for the Allergy
Req: lvl 75, completed "Cleaning the Spores"
From: Nurse [SG Ring]
* Collect Saliva from Cordy, Freezing Halogen & Werewolf and Shadow Crow Feather
* Pass ingredients to Nurse [SG Ring]
* TDeliver medication to Image Expert
Reward: Exp 20000, Gold 40000

- The Videotape Recovery
Req: lvl 75, completed "Producing the Medications for the Allergy"
From: Image Expert
* Request video player from Police [TH]
* Deliver video player to Image Expert
* Send tape to your respective Student Director
* Bring tape back to Special Agent for investigation
Reward: Exp 30000

- Training Order
Req: lvl 75, completed "The Videotape Recovery" from Image Expert
From: Special Agent
* Talk to your respective Agent/Instructor in TH for more training
Reward: Synthesized Recovery Potion [10]

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MeeGo OS For Tablets Has Been Reshaped Again, See How It Looks Now
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The UI has been done, re-done and re-done a few times now for MeeGo OS for cheap cialis. Really if you have been following MeeGo, a Linux based operating system, for awhile you should be used to the constant changes taking place at the hands of Intel and there partners.

Today the latest version of the operating system has been put on display at the on-going Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2011 in Beijing, China. The demo tablet is running on the newly unveiled Intel Oak Trail platform with the Z670 processor at center. The new UI takes a bit from Android 3.0 UI (you’ll see what I mean when you watch the demo) but also shows some unique touches not seen on other tablet operating systems.


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